Always Be Real


It was weird yesterday, right? Starting a blog about being awesome with a story about being abused. Like… that’s not awesome at all, is it? Kind of the total and exact opposite.

But that was the reality of my life. I was born into an abusive family – yes, my father did die when I was a baby, but the broken home survived. I grew up and chose a man that treated me how I thought  I deserved to be treated… and I didn’t think highly of myself, to say the least.

When I finally arose from my slumber, almost three years ago now, and began piecing together how I could have possibly let things get so out of hand, I found that lies were the main culprit. My own lies. That I told to myself, and to everyone else. Things like: “He doesn’t mean what he’s saying.” “He’s really going to stop drinking this time.” “I deserve this.” “He’s the only one that wants me. That could ever want me.”

So when I wanted to change… when I wanted less “safe,” and more AWESOME in my life, the lies were the first thing that had to go. I had to get real. With myself, and with everyone else. With that in mind, it only made sense to start this blog by sharing the thing that started me on my path to being awesome, the thing that made me real.

How to Be Awesome Tip #1: Always Be Real.


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