Gluten Free Gluten Day

One thing I was warned about when I decided to go gluten-free was that I had to be careful. Gluten-free does not automatically mean healthy – there’s a whole lot of processed food and junk food out there that is gluten free and not healthy.

Gluten-free. Obviously a key part of healthy, sustainable eating.

Another big concern of mine was my love not only for gluten, but of one particular thing made of gluten, that I’ve never been able to give up on any other nutrition plan. It’s always been my breaking point: Pasta.

Mmmm, delicious, carb filled, high calorie, cheese accompanied Pasta. You can tell just by the way I speak of it that it is one of my great loves in life, and there will never be another like it. Even on my most successful, two year long, CHOCOLATE FREE health food stint, I allowed myself pasta once a week. It’s how I survived.

So Saturday is my pasta day. And the moment of truth is upon us:

Dun dun DUUUUUN!

Gluten-free raviolis: Brown rice flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum in replace of wheat flour. Filled with delicious stomach ache inducing ricotta cheese (actually, since I went gluten-free, I’ve noticed that lactose isn’t giving me stomach pains anymore). Cooked in a delicious creamy sun dried tomato sauce. Tell me that doesn’t sound like pasta heaven, and I’ll tell you that you don’t know what pasta heaven is.

It was really very delicious. The pasta itself had a slightly different texture to it. Overall, on the scale of pasta I’ve made at home, I give it an A- for flavor. Which is darn good for being wheat free. But still, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing… of course! Cheesy garlic bread sticks!

A side of carbs to go with my carbs, please.

Woah woah woah. HOLD THE BUS! All that trouble to make gluten-free pasta, and I spoiled it by eating cheesy focaccia bread sticks with it?

Don’t be silly. That bread is made out of cauliflower.  It doesn’t look like it. And I assure you, it doesn’t taste like it. In fact, I might have a hard time believing it, if I hadn’t riced that stupid cauliflower myself. (Minor point of contention. I don’t have a food processor currently, so I had to do it by hand.)

All credit, honor, and glory goes to the man of The Iron You for his amazing cauliflower crust garlic breadstick recipe.

Those breadsticks, sadly, were probably the only healthy part of today. But pasta day isn’t about being healthy. It’s about being delicious. And, now, also about being-gluten free. Which means I definitely won today.

How to Be Awesome Tip #10: Feel free to indulge, but never compromise yourself.


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