Day #2: NEW PLAN

I totally failed at Whole30. Here’s my complaint:

1) I hate eating solid food before working out, and I love working out first thing in the morning. Making real food and waiting for it to digest adds an extra 2 hours of waffling, wasting time, and not working out in the morning. GIMME MY SMOOTHIE BACK.

2) It’s making me headache-y and tired. I know they warn about that in the beginning, but it’s soooo hard to start up on working out after 3 months off, and have dietary exhaustion on top of it.

Here’s my new plan:

I’m going to do kind of a reverse Whole30. If the idea of Whole30 is to take everything out, then gradually reintroduce it to see how it affects you, the reverse should also work.

I’m going to start by keeping dairy out of my diet, because I know I’m lactose intolerant.

If that goes well, then week three, I’m going to drop gluten.

Week five, I’m going to drop the rest of the grains.

Week seven, it’s bye bye to sweeteners.

I’m not taking soy out. I love my edamame. It may not be a “wonder food,” but it’s high in protein, fiber, & iron – 3 things I don’t get enough of (especially since I hate red meat, and have only a passing acceptance of chicken & eggs).

I did do my P90X3, though it super tweaked my knee out. Going to have to find my knee brace before doing today’s workout just to be safe.

___DAY #2: P90X3
___Breakfast: Baked Egg & Steak Skillet
___Morning Snacks: Dried Strawberries & Bananas
___Lunch: Grilled Cheese & Tomato, Fruit Salad
___Afternoon Snacks:
___Dinner: Turkey, Mixed Veggies, White Rice
___Water/Tea: 5 cups
___Workout: AgilityX
___Previous Goal: N/A
___New Goal: Wear Knee Brace, Complete Entire Workout
___Energy Level: 2/5
___Headaches: Morning/Afternoon – Front, Above Temples
___Stomach Aches: N/A

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