Here We Come, Japan!

We are alllllll booked for our trip to Japan!

It’s finally started to feel real. Our plane tickets have been booked for weeks, and I just got confirmation from our last AirBnB host this morning.

I’ve always wanted to travel, never thought I would. Even after traveling all the way across the United States on Route 66 this summer, I still feel like small town suburbia girl (maybe because most of the stops on Route 66 are small town America).

So, if you don’t know about AirBnB, you should. The website connects you to people around the world willing to host you in their home. They have single room, shared, and whole house/apartment options, and you can really travel on a dime by sleeping on someone’s couch, or get really extravagant by renting entire properties.

I love it, because the quality is impeccable, and the hosts have always been very friendly and helpful. Thanks to the host & visitor reviews, no one really lasts long if they aren’t.

In Hiroshima & Kawaguchiko, we’re staying in hostels (granted, in private rooms), and the price we paid to stay in this beautiful machiya in Kyoto was only about $10 more a night:


and you get the comfort of knowing you will have a very friendly, helpful host that knows the area you’re visiting very well. It’s a virtual steal.

Of course, you can spend more to get more, but in my opinion you always get more than you pay for – hotels just can’t compete with the value and personability of AirBnB.

(No, AirBnB did not pay me to write this. I’m not affiliated with them in any way other than having an account and loving using them when I travel.)


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