Day #20: The Warrior

I didn’t realize until just before starting my workout that this is my last day of the Warrior. It’s been fun my friend. ;_;

So, I worked really hard today. I did all the moves, with only a couple modifications: 1) I had to do modified elevator push ups, 2) still just a push up on the super burpee, and 3) only about 270 degrees on the Spiderman squats. But that’s way better than I’ve ever done, and I feel awesome!

I can tell you that I’m already well on my way to being in the best shape of my life. I’ve already lost 6 lbs!!! This is by far the fastest I’ve ever lost weight & gained strength, and all without feeling sore and in pain in the mornings. I know that by the time I finish P90X3 I’m going to be in the best shape of my life. I already can’t wait for my husband to see how good I’m looking next month! 😉

___DAY #20: P90X3
___Breakfast: Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar (250 Calories, 10g Protein, 5.0g Fiber)
___Lunch: Corn Bread (215 Calories, 3g Protein, 0.5g Fiber), Haddock (144 Calories, 14g Protein, 0.3g Fiber), Scalloped Potatoes (167 Calories, 4g Protein, 2.7g Fiber)
___Dinner: Chocolate Chia Seed Smoothie (105 Calories, 11g Protein, 2.5g Fiber)
___Supper: Cookies (342 Calories, 6g Protein, 0g Fiber)

___Total Calories: 1223
___Total Protein: 48g
___Total Fiber: 11.0g
___Water: 4.5 Cups

___Workout: The Warrior
___Previous Goal: No Modified Plank Sphinx – Yay! 😀
___New Goal: No more Warrior 😦
___Energy Level: 4/5
___Headaches: N/A
___Stomach Aches: N/A
___Weight: 148.2 lbs
___Net Weight Loss: 6.2 lbs

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