Lake Placid

Yesterday I saw my first ice castle. I’ve always dreamed of visiting the ice castle hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This… was not that.


Still, it’s kind of cute. Saranac Lake (which is located in the town of Lake Placid… don’t ask me, I don’t understand, I’m not local) does not stay cold enough for a year round ice castle, so every year they have a Winter Festival and build an ice castle. Mostly for the kids, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. This year’s theme was “The Groovy 60’s,” and it came complete with an ice maze, ice motorcycles, and a giant ice peace sign that all the kids were posing in front of and I didn’t want to look like a creepster taking a picture of someone else’s kids.


We had lunch at Jimmy’s 21, a moderately good, reasonably priced restaurant. Though don’t go in at lunch expecting to get the menu in the window – it’s mostly soup, salad, & sandwiches for lunch – my nephew was disappointed.

While we were at lunch, we saw a dog sled team giving people rides around frozen Lake Placid. My nephew was very enthusiastic about going on the sled, but his mom told him that no one wanted to freeze to death on a dog sled with him. Wait. Back that train up, I said (ok, I didn’t use those exact words). I wanted to go on a dog sled ride!!!

I spent most of my time just enjoying myself and chatting up my nephew, but I did get a little snippet of video to share the moment:

Cold. Exhausting. Fun day!


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