Day #29: Welcome to Block 2 of P90X3

I made the mistake of reading Tyler Robbins Fitness’s review of this workout before starting it: “There is definitely some “method to their madness” by Beachbody and/or Tony placing The Challenge in Phase 1 of X3. The goal there is to get your upper body primed and ready for this routine. This one isn’t going to be as beneficial if you aren’t already pretty good at push-ups, pull-ups, and have some decent upper body strength.” D:

…b-b-but I’m not good at push-ups, pull-ups, and I DON’T HAVE SOME DECENT UPPER BODY STRENGTH. Boy, do I know it. I’ve been working hard at my pull up progression with very little to show for it. (Ok, to be fair, my arms are way more toned than they were 4 weeks ago, and I’m finally back to being able to do 12.5-lb bicep curls. Ooooh, fear me and my 12.5-lb bicep curls!)

So I went into this workout pretty intimidated. The perfectionist (and scaredy cat) in me said, “Let’s just do Block 1 over and over until we’re perfect at it, then move on to Block 2!” But the go-getter in me wasn’t hearing it: “Get in the room, do the thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect.” (Yes, the go-getter in me does speak in Tony Horton’s voice, now. Thanks, Tony.)

I want to start out by saying that this workout makes The Challenge look like child’s play. Despite that though, I actually walked away from it feeling more accomplished than I did any time I did the Challenge. The reason is several fold: 1) I got myself a pull up assist band, so now I can actually almost keep up with the pull ups. No more skipping ahead and missing out on 10 minutes of the workout. 2) Many of the moves in this workout use weights, which means I can actually do them with proper form and intensity, even if I am using 10-30 lbs less than everyone on screen.

Overall, I’m giving this workout five stars, both for intensity and accessibility. Whew!

___DAY #29: P90X3
___Breakfast: Oatmeal Banana Smoothie (358 Calories, 21g Protein, 10.0g Fiber)
___Lunch: Quinoa Crusted Chicken w/ Veggies (325 Calories, 29g Protein, 7.0g Fiber), Chocolate
___Coconut Bar (192 Calories, 0g Protein, 2.0g Fiber)
___Dinner: Chocolate Coconut Bar (96 Calories, 0g Protein, 1.0g Fiber)

___Total Calories: 966
___Total Protein: 50g
___Total Fiber: 20.0g
___Water: 3 Cups

___Workout: Eccentric Upper
___Previous Goal: N/A
___New Goal: 10-lb Military Press; 10-lb Deep Swimmer’s Press; 12.5-lb Rows; 4/4 Vaulter Pull Ups
___Energy Level: 4/5
___Headaches: N/A
___Stomach Aches: N/A

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