Day #36: Eccentric Upper

Sure has been a lazy couple of days in regards to posts, sorry.

My metabolism must be kicking up (thanks, new found muscles), because despite my overeating like crazy on Saturday, my weight is still going down. Part of that is because I’m menstruating, I know, because I retain a lot of water weight the week prior. (Sorry if that was TMI for you.)

Anyway, not much new to say here. So I’ll just get to it:

I met all my goals from last week, except the pull ups. This is to be expected, since I took a band off my pull up assist. So I’m pulling 33% more weight than I was last week. All my pull up numbers went down, but I definitely feel like I got a major improved workout this week compared to last.

___DAY #35: P90X3
___Breakfast: Peanut Butter Clif Bar (250 Calories, 11g Protein, 4.0g Fiber)
___Lunch: NomNom Paleo Tuna Cakes (121 Calories, 16g Protein, 0.8g Fiber), Cashews (80 Calories,
___2g Protein, 0.5g Fiber)
___Dinner: Blackened Tilapia (150 Calories, 24g Protein, 0.0g Fiber), Sweet Potato (112 Calories,
___2g Protein, 3.9g Fiber), Chocolate Coconut Vegan Macaroons (112 Calories,
___2g Protein, 3.6g Fiber)
___Supper: Asian Zing Bacon Wrapped Chicken w/ Mixed Grains (365 Calories,
___25g Protein, 1.5g Fiber), Chocolate Vegan Macaroons (168 Calories, 3g
___Protein, 5.4g Fiber)

___Total Calories: 1358
___Total Protein: 85g
___Total Fiber: 18.7g
___Water: 6 Cups

___Workout: Eccentric Upper
___Previous Goal: 10-lb Military Press; 10-lb Deep Swimmer’s Press; 12.5-lb Rows; 4/4 Vaulter Pull
___Ups – Everything But Pull Ups
___New Goal: No M Standard Push Ups; 5 Unmodified Fly Push Ups; 2/2 Vaulter Pull Ups;
___12.5-lb Flip Flop Combo; 10-lb Preacher Curls
___Energy Level: 4/5
___Headaches: N/A
___Stomach Aches: N/A

___Weight: 146.0 lbs
___Total Weight Loss: 8.4 lbs


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