Day #61/62: Triometrics

I was going to double up on workouts again today because I’m still two days behind from being a slacker on vacation, but…. instead, I decided to take my puppy to the beach! It’s only about a mile round trip, so we walked it, and then she ran at least another mile or two back and forth across the frozen lake. Passed out on the couch (after a bath, because of course she found the only muddle puddle) and made it super easy to get my workout done!

Edit: Fake Out! I ended up doing Total Synergistics after all. Something about those Cadbury Eggs just made me feel like I should. >.>

___DAY #61/62: P90X3
___Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Clif Bar (240 Calories, 10g Protein, 4.0g Fiber),
___Clementine (35 Calories, 0g Protein, 1.3g Fiber)
___Lunch: Strawberry Shake (230 Calories, 26g Protein, 6.0g Fiber)
___Dinner: Lemon Shrimp & Asparagus (413 Calories, 53g Protein, 4.8g Fiber),
___Wild Rice (160 Calories, 4.0g Protein, 3.0g Fiber)
___Supper: Cadbury Cream Eggs (480 Calories, 6g Protein, 0.0g Fiber), Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (340 Calories, 8g Protein, 2.0g Fiber)

___Total Calories: 1928
___Total Protein: 107g
___Total Fiber: 21.1g
___Water: 5 Cups

___Workout: Triometrics
___Previous Goal: Frog Jump 1/2/1, Sumo Kick 1/2/3, Chair Jacks 1/2/2 – Psch. I did all three
___levels of every exercise!!!
___New Goal: Keep killing it!

___Workout: Total Synergistics
___Previous Goal: All Around Improvement – Nailed It!
___New Goal: Finish Left Side Rise Punch

___Energy Level: 4/5
___Headaches: N/A
___Stomach Aches: N/A

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