P90X: Day Zero-Ish

I know I can do P90X, because I did P90X3. By all accounts, they’re about the same level of difficulty, except that the P90X workouts are twice as long. So this time, I wanted to really focus in on the nutrition plan. The part of P90X3 I struggled with the most was sticking to the nutrition plan. Which, of course, is where you really see the transformation in your body. Let’s face it: It doesn’t really matter how much muscle you put on – if it’s still covered in fat, you still look pretty much the same. The difficulty of the meal plan of course is preparation, organization, the fact that you have to eat like 5-6 meals a day, and trying to cook that many meals… ugh. So much work! So little time. And one you add work into the mix? Forget it! This time around I’m prepared though! Thanks to the amazing electric pressure cooker my mommy got me, I can prepare a balanced protein/veggie meal for the entire week in just about an hour. Along with protein shakes, protein bars, and a couple of ready to eat snacks, it’s going to make sticking to the nutrition plan a breeze (as long as I avoid all temptation). Speaking of nutrition, here’s my caloric breakdown:

158  x  10   =  1580 Calories
Weight  x  10   =  Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

1580  x  .20   =  316 Calories
RMR  x  .20   =  Daily Activity Burn (DAB)

1580  +   316  +  570    =  2466 Calories
RMR  +  DAB  +  P90X  =  Daily Energy Requirement

What?! That’s what Tony says, though. I should eat 2466 calories to maintain my current weight – subtract a few hundred calories to create a deficit to lose weight, and I come to around 2000 calories a day. Now, I’m on Day 2 already (though my stats below were recorded on Day 0), and I’m having a <i>really</i> difficult time consuming that many calories, especially considering that 50% of them are supposed to be protein. I ate literally non-stop yesterday, and still only managed to take in 1800 calories, and felt stuffed while doing it. I was sure my scale was going to go up today, just positive I was going to have to eat less… but low and behold, the scale went down half a pound. I think I can do this nutrition thing. Time to wrap it up with my requisite 0-30-60-90 day check in chart, because updating that every 30 days will really help keep me motivated to stay on track:

Measurements & Weight

DAY 0 DAY 30 DAY 60 DAY 90
Weight 158.2 lbs
Body Mass Index 25
Body Fat % 26.5%
Chest 35.5″
Waist 33″
Hips 36.5″
Left Thigh 24″
Left Bicep (Flexed) 12″
Left Forearm 9.5″

Fit Test

DAY 0 DAY 92
Resting Heart Rate 70 bpm
Pull Ups 2 w/ 3 Assist Bands
Vertical Leap 5″
Push Ups 4
Toe Touch +3″
Wall Squat 0:32
Bicep Curls 7.5 lbs, 23
In & Outs 25
Heart Rate Maximizer 192 bpm
1 Min After</i> 110 bpm
2 Min After 110 bpm
3 Min After 98 bpm
4 Min After 98 bpm

Before & After Photos

My Goal: Look smokin' in this dress by Halloween.
My Goal: Look smokin’ in this dress by Halloween.

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