The Catch Up

Ok, so…. it’s been a while. Like almost 3 months exactly.

What happened?

Well, for one, my husband came home from his 3 month work tour at sea. I name him the primary culprit, because let’s face it, I only get to see him half the year, and I’m a little co-dependent when he’s home.

Second, we went on an amazing 2 week excursion to Japan, where I got a strange, still unidentified illness that lasted NINE WEEKS. We’re talking rash, nausea, fatigue, muscle soreness, headaches, fever… just… all the symptoms! I went to at least 4 different doctors, including 2 specialists, went through a biopsy and blood work, and still no one knows what it was!

I say “was” because about 5 days ago (knock on wood) the symptoms started vanishing one by one for no explicable reason. Sure, I was using steroid cream on the rash, but I had been doing that for SIX WEEKS to no effect. Then suddenly gone. Then went the fatigue, the headaches, the fever… nausea was the last hold out, but of course, as soon as I went to see a doctor about that, it vanished into thin air too.

Near as I can tell, I must’ve had an allergic reaction to, well, something in Japan.

All that said, obviously, I never finished my elite round of P90X3 because I was too busy being sick and drugged out of my mind for the past three months.

But I’m feeling better, I’m off the drugs, and my husband is back at work, so you know what that means?!

This time I’m doing P90X (non-3) and following the meal plan (woah boy).


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