P90X: Day 30

It’s been 30 days, but I’m actually starting on Day 29 today… had some dental work done, and had to skip a day of working out (two, actually, but one of them was just a stretch day).

Here’s my new stats:

153  x  10   =  1530 Calories
Weight  x  10   =  Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

1530  x  .20   =  306 Calories
RMR  x  .20   =  Daily Activity Burn (DAB)

1530  +   306  +  570    =  2406 Calories
RMR  +  DAB  +  P90X  =  Daily Energy Requirement

Measurements & Weight

DAY 0 DAY 30 DAY 60 DAY 90
Weight 158.2 lbs  153.8
Body Mass Index 25.0  24.1
Body Fat % 26.5%  25.7%
Chest 35.50″  35.25″
Waist 33.0″  29.5″
Hips 36.5″  35.0″
Left Thigh 24.0″”  23.0″
Left Bicep (Flexed) 12.0″  12.5″
Left Forearm 9.5″  9.5″

Before & After Photos


So what’s the deal with the dress??? I bought 2 dresses. Usually I wear a medium, but on the size chart for this dress, I was kind of in between medium and large. It was on clearance for $11.00, so I just bought both of them. The first picture is in the large… I was just hoping I’d look decent in it by October (it’s part of my Halloween costume). Then my dog ate a hole in it… -_-

That will teach me to hang a dress prominently in the middle of the living room (aka puppy playground). So I had the medium to fall back on, but I was really skeptical about how I’d look in it. But here I am today, in the medium dress!!! And I already look better in it than I looked in the large 30 days ago.

Taking these pictures has really helped me to actually visualize my progress, which is a lot more motivational than simply tracking my weight in an app. I am going to look great by October!!!


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