Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


I’m just five days shy of my P90X Day 60 weigh in and measurements. But you know what? SCREW THEM. I feel fantastic, and I know I’ve made enormous strides without even looking in the mirror or stepping on a scale.

You see, I used to be a runner. It took me almost a year of running 3 miles on a near daily basis, followed by months of training for a half marathon before I would even call myself a runner. “Oh, I’m not a runner. I just like to run.” Eff that shit. If you run, you’re a runner. I should’ve owned and been proud of it.

Well, last November, being my first winter in upstate New York (that’s right, winter starts in November here), I got a little culture shock – or should I say, freeze. It froze me right out of my regular, daily, enjoyable runs. I didn’t run at all. Until I did a 5k in May. And then I didn’t run again, until I told my mother in law I’d do C25k with her (she had double hip replacement surgery last year, and her goal is to run a 5k).

Well, it turns out that 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking was just enough to wet my appetite. I thought I had gotten over cardio; I loved P90X3 – enough to want to torture myself with double the length workouts and do P90X. But it turns out a part of me just… wants to run! I ran forever, but I guess it took me a year of not running to realize that I really am a runner.

So I took Madelyn (my yellow lab baby) out for a jog this afternoon. Nothing serious, nothing difficult – just some fun. We were cruising along when I heard, “One mile mark: 10 minutes and 9 seconds.” WHAT?! 10 minutes? But we were going sloooow! That’s when I decided to push it. I knew if I did intervals, I could potentially meet or maybe even beat my best average mile time (9:50, from when I used to run daily).

We did two miles (we had both already run with my mother in law at 5 am), and our final clock in was 18:57. In other words, a 9:27.5 average per mile. Which means we blew that second mile out of the FREAKING WATER. I couldn’t believe it. How fast I was. How strong I felt. I almost cried. I definitely fist bumped my dog and told her how proud I was of us, and I didn’t even care that the guy riding by on his bike kinda giggled at us.

This is huge for me. I used to interval train, sprint train, negative split – anything and everything to shave mere seconds off my mile time. And what finally shaved an entire minute off of it??? Not running. Sure, I did the Tony Horton P90X/3 prescribed cardio, but I focused primarily on strength training. I can’t believe it. I have completely blown my expectations for myself out of the water, and find myself simply in awe of how strong, fast, and beautiful my body is.


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