P90X Day #60 Check In

Hello Day #60! I don’t know how much I look it, but I sure feel like a totally different person than I did 60 days ago. For some reason, this go around has been completely different than the previous ones in a very positive way. I feel like I’m really coming to love & respect my body, and understand it’s nutritional needs on a very personal level. I like it.

Without further ado, here are my new stats:

150  x  10   =  1500 Calories
Weight  x  10   =  Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

1500  x  .20   =  300 Calories
RMR  x  .20   =  Daily Activity Burn (DAB)

1530  +   300  +  400   =  2230 Calories
RMR  +  DAB  +  P90X  =  Daily Energy Requirement

Measurements & Weight

DAY 0 DAY 30 DAY 60 DAY 90
Weight 158.2 lbs  153.8  149.4
Body Mass Index 25.0  24.1  23.5
Body Fat % 26.5%  25.7%  25.6%
Chest 35.5″  35.25″  35.0″
Waist 33.0″  29.5″  29.0″
Hips 36.5″  35.0″  34.5″
Left Thigh 24.0″”  23.0″  22.0″
Left Bicep (Flexed) 12.0″  12.5″  11.5″
Left Forearm 9.5″  9.5″  9.0″
TOTAL INCHES LOST 6.75″  10.0″

Before & After Photos


All I can think when I look at these pictures is, “Wow, those last 3.8 pounds came straight off my boobs.” Lol! Ok, maybe I also think, “Next time I should remember to brush my hair before doing pictures.” (I may have rolled out of bed and immediately been like “CHECK IN DAY!”)

My hips, butt, and thighs will probably never be my ideal size, but I’m learning to be okay with that & focus on the positives of my body. Like the fact that it can run a mile in nine and a half minutes, do plyometric lunges, and survive Yoga X (believe me, Yoga X may sound relaxing, but the first half of it is the killer workout to end all killer workouts).

In summary, I am super jazzed to continue my journey, and feel confident that my trip to Washington in a couple days is not going to kill my workout or nutrition goals. Here’s to thirty more days!


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