“Be safe if you can be, but always be awesome.”

This is who I was: Timid. Quiet. Isolated. Scared. Safe.

On the outside, my life was perfect. I had a wonderful job, was actively involved with my church, and married to my handsome, charming high school sweetheart.

On the inside, I was dying. I worked 12 hour days, not because I loved my job (I did), but because it was better than going home to my abusive, alcoholic husband. I put a smile on my face, because who could I cry to? His parents were both prominent members of the community, how could I embarrass them by ruining the picture perfect image of their family? How could I embarrass myself by admitting to such a foolish mistake? I had to protect my reputation, to keep myself safe.

Eventually, “safe” became the most unsafe thing possible. And I didn’t know how to get safe back.

I had to dig deep. I had to find myself. And I had to get… dangerous. Take risks. Try new things. Break free.

Because you can’t always be safe. But you can always be awesome. If you choose to be.

I choose to be.


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